Effective Methods for
Company Managers

Senior and middle managers are finding their role more difficult as organizations have become more complex. To meet this challenge, managers are reaching out to new methods and tools beyond the traditional.

Today's successful managers are using computer simulation in a variety of activities, including:
  • Change Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Decision Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Consensus Building
  • Forecasting
  • Marketing Promotion
and more...

Organizations - Large and Small

Simulation technology has become more powerful and much cheaper. Long a tool only for the elite, simulations have reached the desktop and have become cost-effective for organizations of any size.


Welcome to the exciting world of organizational simulations! Feel free to explore our website for more details, applications and benefits of using simulation technology in your organization.


A Competive Edge for
Business Consultants

Successful consultants are using computer simulations to further differentiate their services from the countless others in the business-consulting profession.

By incorporating simulations in their work, innovative consultants are leap-frogging their competition. They are expanding their service capabiities and increasing the value-add to their clients by using simulations in conjunction with their traditional expertise.

Deeper Insight

Advanced computer simulations are enabling consultants to explore clients' business processes and workforce behavior with much enhanced perspective. Simulations are being used to deleve into underlying dynamics organizational systems, human or other, without intrusion into the actual system.

Leap-frog Competitors

Consultants are enbracing simulations as a path to leapfrog their competitors. Consultants are leveraging their use of simulations by advertising their capabilties to prospective clients. Clients are looking for consultants who are better equiped to support increasingly complex organizations and are selecting consultants with such capabilities over the traditional others.

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